Past Talks

These happen from time to time when we can manage to overcome apathy (which is rare!). Here are the slides from past talks:

Basic Linux Networking by Ron Wellsted (Jan 2002) Slides, PDF

RAID by Ron Wellsted (Feb 2002) Slides, PDF

Firewalls/VPNs by Ron Wellsted (Oct 2003) Slides, PDF

The semantic web by Stuart Langridge (31st Aug 2005)

VoIP / Asterisk by Ron (14th Sep 2005) Slides, PDF,

Why 3D Scanners are Bad by Andrew Lewis (28th Sep 2005)

Intro to Nagios by James Turner (17th Jan 2007)

Lightweight AJAX with OpenThought by JJ (of Birmingham Perlmongers) (6 Jun 2007)
Selenium – An Introduction To Web Testing by Barbie (of Birmingham Perlmongers), 6 Jun 2007

What on earth is IPMI by Adam Sweet (21 Nov 2007) PDF

Setting up a Home Server – Part 1 by Ron Wellsted (18 June 2008) Slides + Notes
Setting up a Home Server – Part 2 by Ron Wellsted Slides
Setting up a Home Server – Part 3 by Ron Wellsted Slides

An Introduction to IPv6 by Ron Wellsted (11 Feb 2009) Slides

DNS & Bind by Chris Ellis (29 Jul 2009) Slides, PDF

Ceph – Software Defined Storage – Quick overview and some of the pain I went through with it by Chris Ellis (10 Jun 2020) PDF

SNMP and How to Monitor Your Network With It by Adam Sweet (10 Jun 2020) PDF and sample config

Password Cracking With Your GPU and Why Password Complexity Matters by Adam Sweet (17 Mar 2021) PDF

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