Meetings take place roughly every two weeks, starting from about 7:30pm on a Wednesday evening. The time, date and venue are announced on the mailing list roughly 3-5 days before the event, and a list of likely attendees is posted, allowing you to judge the size, interest and overall scariness of the proposed meeting.

WolvesLUG is often described as a “social” LUG, with great emphasis placed on eating, drinking and merrymaking together. The atmosphere is generally informal and friendly. Subjects of conversation range from non-technical small-talk to in-depth technical/development-related discussions (some topics being completely bizarre!), with formal talks/presentations every so often when we can overcome apathy (which is rare).

As an informal rule, the proportion of conversation that is about Open Source/technical topics tends to increase as the evening draws on as people mention subjects that people find interesting. These occasionally lead up to a large round-table informal discussion/debate about some topical subject that can go on into the small hours of the morning.