Proposed Talks

At present we’re doing Lightning Talk evenings, where attendees give 5-15 minute introductory talks on a topic they are familiar with. Below are some topics which have been offered and requested.

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Talks Offered

  • Routed Network Fabrics – How to build really high throughput networks dirt cheap using commodity switches and Linux cleverness (Chris E)
  • Bergamot Monitoring – Need I say more (Chris E)
  • ESP32 – What is it and getting started (Chris E)
  • Containers – Intro to Docker / Containers / Podman, how to run stuff and how to build containers (Chris E)
  • Kubernetes – What is it and getting started (Chris E)
  • openSUSE – A quick look at MicroOS and Kubic – new variants of openSUSE which are pretty interesting (Chris E)
  • Anything PostgreSQL related (Chris E)
  • The command line for beginners (Adam)
  • Network monitoring with Nagios (Adam)
  • Diet and exercise for geeks (Adam)
  • Taking care of your back when you sit down all day (Adam)
  • How to grow chillies (and other vegetables) (Adam)
  • Setting up a website with Linux (Adam)
  • Network file sharing with Linux (NFS, Samba and SSH) (Adam)
  • Guitar basics (Adam)
  • The basics of cooking good food well (Adam)
  • Introduction to OpenBSD (Adam)
  • The FreeBSD and OpenBSD pf firewall (Adam)
  • Keyboard / Music Production (Blake)
  • Fedora (John A)
  • KVM (John A)
  • Docker (John A)
  • SDR radio (John A)
  • GNU Radio (John A)
  • Arduino (John A)
  • GQRX (John A)
  • A combo with some Satellite stuff GPRedict etc (John A)
  • 68KLinux: Getting the Retro Grove Going (John A)
  • ADSB using dump 1090 (John A)
  • SSTV on Linux (John A)
  • NTP – Time travel for beginners (John A)
  • 3D Printing Stuff (Kris D)
  • The Basics of Electronics (Dave J)

Talks Requested

  • Containers (LXC, Docker, podman etc)
  • Kubernetes, what and why
  • ESP32 (firmware, language runtimes and power saving)
  • HomeAssistant
  • Python programming, maybe C, C++ and Java too
  • Introductions to other distros e.g. (Open)SUSE, Elementary OS etc
  • Basics of electronics
  • Prometheus, Grafana and other modern monitoring/graphing/dashboardy systems
  • Elastic search
  • Ansible
  • IPv6