The Wolves LUG Mailing List

As with most LUGs and Unix/Linux related projects, we tend to gather around a mailing list as a primary means of communication.

The purpose of the list is to facilitate general discussion, organisation, to ask technical questions and to help with each other’s problems. The mailing list really is the central hub of all LUG activity and so to participate it is a good idea to join.

If you are feeling nervous about joining the mailing list, then it is a good idea to join and then sit back for a week or two to gauge the atmosphere and some of the characters before jumping in by making a post.

We are always glad to hear from new people regardless of ability and we would like to help you get the most out of Linux. We will try to help you if you have any problems. It may feel intmidating if you are new to Linux, but we have users of all levels of ability.

Aside from Linux itself, the main attraction for many people is the community side of things and this is very much in evidence on our mailing list. So, what are you waiting for? Subscription instructions and a link to the mailing list archives are below.

Joining the Mailing List

Join the mailing list by clicking here.

Mailing List Archive

Browse past messages from the mailing list here.


Please follow basic Netiquette rules. See Mailing list etiquette evolved to allow people to skim read lots of messages across many mailing lists and analyse the content so they can reply to anything relevant without getting bogged down in digesting every line of every mail. The harder your mail is to read quickly, the more likely people will be to ignore it. The following points are a quick overview of the main things that make emails hard to read.

  1. HTML mail is frowned upon. Sometimes people have to use a console mail reader and HTML emails can be unreadable. It will also unnecessarily increase the size of the message.
  2. As is top posting, even though it’s the way the rest of the world works now, it doesn’t work well on mailing lists.
    A: Because it destroys the flow.
    Q: Why is top posting frowned upon?
  3. Trim your replies to remove any unnecessary quoted text from the mail you are replying to. HOWEVER, it is important to correctly attribute any such quoted text to the original author. Please remember to trim any mailing list additions at the beginning and end of messages.
  4. There is a maximum limit for the size of a message. If you need to post something large or your post gets rejected for being too large, please put the content on a web page and post a link to it.
  5. This is especially true of images, documents and other files. Please don’t attach files to mailing list posts.