Talk: Adam Sweet – Password Cracking With Your GPU, 17th March

17th March 2021 @ 19:30

Adam Sweet will be giving a talk on the evening of 17th March 2021 entitled:

Password Cracking With Your GPU (And Why Complexity Matters)

This will be a demo of how to use a commodity GPU or CPU for cracking hashed passwords, along with a discussion of why complexity, storage and not using the same password everywhere matters and why strict password complexity policies don’t work.

The talk will be delivered via Zoom and start around 20:30.

Conference details above, or you can join the Meetup event here:

Wolverhampton LUG – Password Cracking With a GPU and Why Complexity Matters

Wednesday, Mar 17, 2021, 2:30 PM

Online event

9 Luggers Attending

This will be a demo of password cracking, how you can accelerate it using a commodity graphics card and why the issues of complexity, storage and re-use matter. The meeting starts at 2:30pm Eastern time with an hour of social/networking hanging out. The talk will start at 3:30 and last about an hour. The presenter will be Adam Sweet. Adam is a Linu…

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We look forward to seeing you at the second of what we hope will be regular monthly talks.

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