Beginners Guide to Apps

So you’ve taken the plunge into Linux. What I hope this section will help with, is that of informing new Linux users what Apps they used in Windows have comparative Linux Apps. As with everything else in Linux there always seems to be a choice, this is no different with the apps as well as with the distro of choice.

Windows Application KDE Equivalent Gnome Equivalent
MS Office Koffice/LibreOffice Gnome Office/LibreOffice
Outlook Kontact/Thunderbird Evolution/Thunderbird
Windows Media Player Kaffiene/Amarok Totem/Rhythmbox/banshee
Msn/Yahoo/Icq/Irc/Aim Kopete Pidgin
Internet Explorer Konqueror/Firefox Firefox/Epiphany
Photoshop/Paintshop Krita/Gimp Gimp/Eye of Gnome
Skype Skype/Kphone Skype/Ekiga
Windows Explorer Konqueror Nautilus