Welcome to the Wolves LUG!

Welcome to our website. Wolves LUG is a group of Linux and Open tech users from the Wolverhampton area who meet every two weeks to discuss Linux and other Open technologies, eat lots, drink lots and generally hang out and be social. A very friendly and open atmosphere is encouraged at LUG meetings and on the online LUG resources.

Many people who have come to the Wolves LUG have commented on how we are different to many LUGs that prefer a more formal setting for their meetings. We are a lively, social group that prefer informal meetings that are rich in debate, jokes, sarcasm and just generally fun. Although the group discusses a wide variety of technical and political subjects, don’t expect every meeting to be full of dry technical conversation. It’s not all just about Linux.

Who can join the LUG?

Anyone and everyone is welcome to the Wolves LUG. We encourage new Linux users and experienced users alike. We encourage those who are considering Linux and would like to pop along to find out more first. We’re a broader church than just Linux users, so we welcome those interested in Open technologies and Free culture also. Everyone is welcome and there are no pre-requisites for joining and attending meetings. There is also no age limit for joining the LUG and meetings (subject to age restrictions at the meeting place) so all ages are welcome.

What does it cost

Nothing. As with the software that we promote, there is no charge to join the group and no subscription. Just join in.

OK, you have convinced me. How do I join up?

The first thing you should do is join our mailing list. This is an email discussion list that all members are subscribed to. Joining the list is free and can be done by visiting this page – https://mailman.lug.org.uk/mailman/listinfo/wolves. When you have joined the list you can introduce yourself and get to know the LUG members.

Where do you have meetings and how often?

Meetings usually take place every two weeks and you can check the latest details on this site. We meet on every other Wednesday and the meeting generally kicks off at 7:30pm, although a few of us get there a little earlier. In general meetings end around 11:00pm, but many members leave earlier and some stay later.