Brief Biography

Well, I'm the grand old age of 51, this despite one or two attempts by fate to curtail my existence prematurely... 90mph straight into the back of a Bank's brewer wagon? :)

I'm married, have three kids and nobody else in the household uses Linux :( much to my great regret and despite much badgering to change this. One day maybe.

I've personally been using Linux since about the middle or late 1996. I was introduced to Microsoft OS's in 1992 and didn't know anything else until I started work at Wolves Uni in '96. Here I discovered Unix and later Linux. Over the years I have tried many different distro's from such as Corel Linux, Storm Linux, early Red Hat distro's (which never worked for me) to the present day with Linux Mint 15 & 16 plus an ancient project machine running Fedora 19 (possibly 20 if it upgrades properly). Despite my many years I have never got to grips with the cli (command line interface). I kept running back to the gui (graphical user interface)... blame Windows, I do ;) Now I'm making an effort to change that and am diving into the cli. Some of it is even registering..

Oh, one last thing for now. You probably will not see me at a LUG meeting. I don't do crowds very well. Undiagnosed functional autism that would seem to be getting worse as I get older. Just something else to add to my list of ailments :D (yes, I like to overuse emoticons too).

Distributions used

Linux Mint 15 & 16
Fedora 19 (possibly 20)
Lucid Puppy on a CF drive (rarely though)


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