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Social entrepreneur currently working on:
0. SysAdmin to Gaia University (Mexico, USA, Chile, Germany, Israel, Nepal);
1. Cloud computing services for voluntary groups;
2. Credit Union software;
3. Social Media consultancy for local charities;
4. Websites (mostly Drupal- & WordPress-based) for community groups;
5. Developing follow-up to "Small Steps to Sustainability" workshops on technology & sustainability, which were held Spring 2009, at Liverpool's FACT Gallery;
6. Hackspace NW - hackerspaces for Liverpool/Manchester/Stockport;
7. Workshops on Effectiveness & Productivity;
8. Investigating a new refurbishment & training project;
9. Developing an online series of HOWTO articles for new users of Free Software (especially NetBook users);
10. Growing food on my allotment, & blogging about ethnobotany & permaculture.
In my spare time I drive the kids around the county, whilst loudly rehearsing choral music :-)

Distributions used

Debian, Ubuntu, variations on Debian or Ubuntu...

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