Brief Biography

Linux user since the early days (1994). I've used mostly package-based distro's - Red Hat/Fedora/Mandrake, Debian/Ubuntu/Mint. Currently running CrunchBang/Statler on my work laptop, SnowLinux on my own laptop, and Debian Squeeze on most of my servers. I also run a few ProxMoxVE virtual hosts. My kids (age 9mo 12yr) and my wife use Ubuntu. I look after lots of Linux servers in a managed hosting environment, including web-servers, databases, mail servers, Request Tracker, Nagios, Alfresco CMS. I also run my wife's python-based website (coded by me) on a KVM VM -

Applications I'm familiar with: Apache, Nginx, Varnish-cache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DRBD/Heartbeat, Python, Perl, PHP, Rsync, BASH/shell Scripting, sed, Sendmail, Postfix, Request Tracker, Nagios/Check-MK/PNP4Nagios...

Distributions used

Debian Squeeze and Lenny
CentOS 4.x, 5.x (Servers)
Ubuntu 8.04 ... 9.04 (Desk/Lap tops and one or two servers)
Fedora Core 3 ...10 (Servers)
Slackware 12 (Servers)
RHEL 3, RedHat Advanced Server (i.e. RH9++) (Servers)


Member for
7 years 5 months