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Automated twitter compilation up to 26 July 2015

David Goodwin - Sun, 26/07/2015 - 06:00

Arbitrary tweets made by TheGingerDog up to 26 July 2015

  • RT OH: “your place is nice, I like the 50ft Ethernet cable from your living room to your bed, that’s a nice touch.” 2015/07/25
  • RT “Ban the burqa” they said. “It’s wrong to cover their faces” they said. #EDL brain-dead arseholes in Lincoln today


  • Seemingly wasted most of the morning trying to get kdump-tools / kdump to work on a Debian Jessie AWS ec2 hvm instance (r3). #didNotWork 2015/07/24
  • RT Universal Pictures finds pirate copy of Jurassic World on – and sends DMCA takedown www.theregister.co.uk/2015/07/23/movie_studio_finds_pirated_jurassic_world_on_localhost/


  • RT What happened when we decided to hire new staff anonymously: https://blog.bytemark.co.uk/2015/07/23/anonymous-recruitment-we-loved-it


  • RT For a Few Bytes More…



  • RT The hitman of the future will be a hacker. Forget financial gain. Digital killing and disruption will be the next big thing. 2015/07/22
  • Wrote as many LOC as I deleted today. Not all in the same language though. 2015/07/22
  • Dry fingers make for a very poor touch screen experience. 2015/07/21
  • I have an all-you-can-eat Google music subscription. Yet Google Play keeps trying to sell me albums/songs. Just let me listen to them ffs. 2015/07/21
  • RT Why are the accelerator peddle, steering & brakes even connected to the internet? Was this ever a good idea? www.wired.com/2015/07/hackers-remotely-kill-jeep-highway/ 2015/07/21
  • RT sideways people, sideways!


  • RT Don’t get ill in America.


  • Headline: “Greece repays 2bn arrears to IMF.”. So they’ve refinanced and changed to a new credit card with an interest free holiday ? 2015/07/20
  • The @theresamaybot seems quite busy. I hope @gchq is more discreet …. 2015/07/20
  • RT 30K MongoDB instances are accessible from the Internet without authentication, containing 595Tb of data #infosec https://blog.shodan.io/its-the-data-stupid/ 2015/07/19
  • RT As I made my way down the ladder I partially closed the hatch. Being careful not to lock it on my way out. #Apollo11


  • RT Wanted: Dev with safe hands who likes a challenge and wants to work from anywhere https://siftware.com/needs-you/ Talk to me at #phpsc 2015/07/17
  • RT What a Pull Request looked like in 1988.


  • RT sorting algorithm (in one gif) www.sorting-algorithms.com/


  • RT This is a serious indictment. How long can it carry on?


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