The domain

The website
What you are reading now.

This currently consists of the main website which is based upon Drupal and Planet Wolves which uses Planet planet and is refreshed hourly.

If you have a blog and you would like your feed included please email the webmaster with the relevant details.

Contacting the webmaster:
Send an email to webmasterATwolveslugDOTorgDOTuk.

email addresses in the domain are available to members.

This will simply a forwarding service. All email to will be forwarded to the email address you
have registered for your login on the website.

In order to apply for such an email address, please contact the webmaster (as above).

Spam protection is provided by RBLs, Greylisting, hostname blacklisting and Bayesian filtering. All email is virus scanned. Only then is it passed through for delivery to the relevant recipient.

Conditions of Use
Basically, don't do anything which would result in a visit from law enforcement officers.
Respect copyright.
DO NOT use it for the mailing list!