Sound in ubuntu on a Compaq Armada 1750

I came across a couple of problems when Ron kindly gave me the Laptop.

  • It kept switching off saying it was too hot.
  • The sound didn’t work.

To remedy the first I stripped the laptop apart and found that the pad of gel between the heatsink and processor was dried out, so I put some new heatsink gel on the heatsink I then entered the bios and switched the acpi off. After this I added the word acpi=off to the end of the current kernel line in sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst.

To cure the sound problem I followed link after link but it turned out that none seemed to work. However between lspnp from pnpbios tools and reading a link online I discovered that the bios setting for the card were different. To cure this if you press Fn-F8 then switch the laptop on and keep hitting the F11 key with the bios floppy in the drive it resets the bios and this cured the problem the settings were now correct (however don’t forget to switch the acpi back off). Once I had done this I simply needed to add the line snd-es1688 to the /etc/modules and reboot sound now works perfectly although the speakers are a little tinny.